Eagles Communicare is a branch of Eagles City Mission which provides direct services to help those in need in the Perth Community. 

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The Stats.  

Eagles City Mission has been operating since 2007. We run on the generous donations of the public and the tireless hands of our volunteers. We do not rely on any government funding or grants. 

Volunteers are the backbone of Eagles City Mission. We currently have over 40 volunteers who dedicate their time to helping out, including cooks, servers, handymen, truck drivers, removalists, cleaners and counsellors. What we do would not be possible without our team of amazing helpers. 

Since we begun our team of home cooks have provided over 30,000 family meals on Sunday nights. The meals have always been available for any who comes through the doors. It is estimated we have spent over $180,000, 5000 cooking hours and 3500 serving hours on these meals over the course of our history. 

In 2014 we began Eagles Communicare with targeted services aimed at providing practical help to the Perth Community. We developed a Street to Home Project which includes a Furniture Bank, Removalists and Food Drops.  We also began networking with Western Australian organisations such as Homesless Connect, Department of Housing, Saint Bartholomews and Ruah to assist them in meeting people's needs.


Eagles Communicare is currently accepting donations. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Funds donated through this website will help with our work and help expand our operations. For more info contact Ryan on 0403 667 664.