A short film about our Church

A few months ago, Luke, the Missions Pastor at Lifestream Christian Church in Como, invited a few of us from Eagles City Mission for coffee. Yes, I was particularly impressed by the Lifestream cafe but more than that I was blown away by how supportive Luke was of what we are doing in the city. His heart for God and missions is unreal. He said Lifestreams was having a "Missions Sunday" and that he wanted Cheryl to produce a short film of our church to show their congregation. Two things stood out to me:

  1. That we, Eagles City Mission, are in fact a "Mission"! I grew up in church and I am so used to hearing about overseas missions in India, Asia and Africa. I still find it crazy that we are another church's mission.
  2. Who on earth is Cheryl?

So Cheryl and I met up for coffee. She told me she is a photographer and is now exploring video. She said she believes God is calling her to do these short films for God, and use her many gifts for Him. She seemed a little unsure about how God would use her or where it would all lead. This was most fascinating part for me because it was this willingness coupled with vulnerability that makes me think God has some incredible plans for her. 

Mission is about people, not projects

 Todd Engstrom

Last Sunday, Lifestream showed Cheryl's short film about our church. We want to say a huge thank you to Cheryl. She did such a great job of capturing the heart of our church. She interviewed people and told of the transformation in their lives.

Because that is what we hope our church is, individuals and communities transformed by the power of God's love. 

Cheryl-Lynn Wee is a Perth based photographer and writer. An insanely talented and creative woman, she documents stories, dabbles in travel journalism and writes for lifestyle magazines, blogs & businesses. Follow her journey.