The Perfect Escape

The men of Eagles City Mission had their first get away in our church's history.

Pastor Basil first sent the lads of church a text message weeks ago. He put the feelers out there. And what he got was mixed emotions. Some men could not wait for a chance to escape the daily grind. These are the guys that long for their very own Man vs Wild adventure. However, others were skeptical as. One guy said "I was very hesitant, I thought what are we going to do? What are we even going to talk about for that long". It was only a one night retreat!

So how did it turn out? Well, it was unanimous we had an incredible time.

Saturday morning began with a breakfast fit for gladiators. Justin then shared about bedrock. Nothing relating to the flintstones but everything about removing the crap in our lives and building strong foundations on bedrock. Very practical stuff from our resident engineer. The guys got a lot out of it. Pastor Basil later got everyone to share a short message straight from the heart. We began to sweat it out at that point but we all did it. Especially Dave (aka Lanky), who talked about God giving us rechargeable batteries, with the holy spirit filling us up every time. However, the icing on the cake was watching the guys get into groups, put their thespian skills to the test and act out parts of the bible.  A definite highlight for most was watching Lerone scream at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately, we can't share the footage online as there is concern some church guys may get poached by talent scouts. 

I knew this would be a destiny marker in God's calling for his men at Eagles City Mission. It bonded us closer together. We became family. All in all we relaxed, we were challenged, we survived and we can't wait for our second get away.