Happy Monday Folks!

So, who made it to church last night? What a fun night hey? How did you all go in the pop quiz?

For those of you who missed out, Yvonne pulled out a classic teacher move by surprising us all with a sudden pop quiz! Which, surprisingly, makes for quite a fun service! A brilliant way to remind us to get into the word and really know it for ourselves. Sometimes it is just so good to be reminded of the basics of our faith and the importance of perusing truth. 

We also had some of the crew from Hope City Church come in as our guest worship team for the night. What a beautiful treat! A BIG thank you to the Hope City team for blessing us so wonderfully.

So this week, remember to take some time out, make yourself a cuppa, pick up your bible and start reading (or listening) because there is so much goodness in there to discover.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday (Father's day!) 

Have a blessed week!

Shem xo