Midweek Pick-Me-Ups (Encouraging the Body of Christ)

Folks, we have SUCH an encouraging God!

So many times I have found myself flicking through the pages of my bible and finding verse, after verse, after verse of encouraging, uplifting and inspiring words aimed at picking us up and helping us move forward. Friends, our Heavenly Father is our greatest cheer leader!

With that in mind, we would love to do something in that same vein and take the time out once a week to encourage you and to lift your spirits, and what better day to do that than Hump day! The midweek slump!

We know that in this crazy busy life we live, things can really get on top of us and push us down, so join us every Wednesday for a quick post and an encouraging verse to help pick you up and may be even give you a spring in your step!

Let us cheer you on!