Bev's Story

Hi Folk's

Finally getting around to posting some of these story's as promised! And this is one I was pretty excited to share with you guys.

Bev has been cooking our kitchen for roughly 8 year's, and let me tell you folk's- that is quite a feat! She is one of our longest serving cooks so I was really excited to hear a little bit about her journey at Eagles City Mission and the courage that God gave her. 

So without further delay, here is Bev's story.


I began attending Eagles City Mission in November 2009. God had really placed on my heart the need to minister to the homeless. I had asked for prayer regarding this at my church at the time and one of the pastors told me about Eagles. After further prayer and consideration I contacted Basil who invited me to attend a service.  God gave me the courage to firstly call and then turn up on my own to this unknown place in the city!

"Once at ECM I felt immediately at home and that it was where God wanted me to serve."

I also felt challenged… was truly out of my comfort zone! I joined the kitchen crew that day and was cooking for the next week! It was only through the courage and peace He gave that I was able to do this. I was not a cook or had never made anything in big quantities! Just attending ECM was a big faith step, let alone cooking.

"I really learnt to trust God!"

 After a couple of years God gave me the challenge to further commit to Him and make Eagles City Mission my home church rather than a place to minister.  I met my husband at ECM. We now both cook and serve in the kitchen crew. 

"God taught me he will bless you where and when you are least expecting it! His timing, His way!"

Through all these tests of faith this journey has included, God has provided the most wonderful, amazing people at ECM who encourage and support. Their willingness to follow God has then assisted in enabling me to do the same.

"To sum up my journey… what a challenge, what a blessing!"