Shofar so good

A Shofar? What's that? A Shofar is a ram's horn, a musical instrument played in the days when Noah and Moses still walked the earth.

On Sunday the Shofar was blown near the beginning of our church service as a shout of God's victory over the whole of Australia. 

Why did we do that?

Well the Shofar is blown usually to tell people that something important is happening. It could be a visit from the King, the beginning of a battle or to tell everyone that the battle has been won.

So we did just that. People spoke about God's power, victory and how great He is. And it was really great to see the strength in unity as God's people came together to stand for Him and with Him.

In our church prayer meeting earlier, last week. Pastor Yvonne realised during the worship, that every song we sang spoke of how God wants us to make a clear sound to prepare the way for battle and prepare the way for the Lord (I Corinthians 14:8).

Our voices are coming together with other churches in Perth for 40 days to pray and fast for transformation and revival in Australia, and you can join us too!

At the church office we'll be doing just that at our fortnightly prayer meetings and you're welcome to join us.

The next meeting will be this Thursday 22nd February, 7.30pm at 51 Wittenoom Street, East Perth, WA 6004.

Don't forget that your words and voice are powerful, let's use it to declare and position ourselves for blessings.

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