CityReach - Father's Day

CityReach is an Eagles City Mission event where our people go into a Department of Housing WA complex in the Perth CBD to host a meal. Our team share food and life with the residents. We hope to build relationship and strengthen the community. CityReach events happen on the first Saturday of every month. 

Samuel & Sebastian, Coordinators of CityReach, shares about this month's CityReach which happened on Father's Day - 

We had a fantastic turnout of 9 helpers, not including 2 of our most diligent leaders Pastor Basil and Yvonne. The CityReach team were packed and ready before 10am! Truly a commendable effort from everyone involved. 

After a quick prayer, we made our way down. The sun was shining and a crisp breathe of fresh air had descended upon the complex. It was almost as if God had breathed a breathe of life into the buildings. Shane, armed with his team had everything speedily setup and before long a sweet and savoury aroma had filled the air. It was so exciting to see the unity of the people coming together for a common cause, to serve others with a big smile. Soon over 20 residents from all backgrounds and walks of life had come out to see the origin of the aroma. Before long all had their fill and the atmosphere began to fill with all sorts of discussion from fatherhood to health and wellbeing, all reflecting upon their current situations in life. 


Psalm 9:18
But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never perish


As it slowly wound down, the CityReach team kicked into gear once again and began packing down. We couldn't help but ponder as the commotion surrounded us, about one of the helper's comments, "that such a place indeed exists in Perth, it was as if these people were all forgotten in today's society". God is teaching us that He will never forget these people, and their hope will never perish.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about CityReach please contact Sebastian on 0437 732 000 or email