A handful of people, a whisper from the big guy and
a whole lot of faith

It all began in 2007, when Pastor Basil and Yvonne felt God call them to start a church. With a small crew they journeyed to the United States of America to visit the Dream Centre, a church mission based in Los Angeles. It was there where God refined his master plan, to create a place where the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Perth were met. Giving birth to Eagles City Mission.

Over the years we have seen many people's lives changed in incredible ways. Some have been freed from addictions, others have come from life on the streets to now having jobs and homes. And people with traumatic pasts and hurts have had their lives restored. This can only be because of what God has done. People have experienced freedom, acceptance and love. It is amazing what the love of God can do. Our part has been simple, by treating everyone like family and showing compassion and grace just as Jesus showed us. 

Our vision is to see the city of Perth changed in a big way. Not by money, infrastructure or government projects but by the power of God's love.

Eagles City Mission has always been involved in the community. Our team of home cooks have cooked and served over 30,000 meals since we began. Dinners that we would proudly serve our own families. We share these meals with everyone who comes through the door. 

More recently, we've started a Street-to-Home program which includes a furniture bank, removalists, cleaning services and food drops. We also network with homeless organisations across WA to help provide relief to those in need.